national gallery of victoria (ngv)
the water wall

Heritage Glass were engaged by Baulderstone to reinstate the water wall at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) and to assist with the design and installation of glass ramps and glazed feature walls of two courtyards as a part of the major renovation of the facility.

The main elements included seven glass face panels, each seven metres high, three metres wide, 25 mm thick and weighing 1,300 kg each. These panels were glazed into purpose-made stainless steel frames and set at seven degrees off vertical to allow the required water flow pattern.

The sheer size and weight of the glass panels required the manufacture of a purpose-designed vacuum lifting apparatus’, able to lift the weight, rotate the panels and install them to a tolerance of +/- 2mm. A glass trough at the head of the water wall was then installed to supply the reservoir for the waterfall. Technology and Heritage Glass’ expertise enabled the reconstruction of one of Melbourne’s iconic heritage attractions.

Part of the NGV design included converting two courtyards into multilevel galleries with access to various levels via ramps with glass floors which spiral upwards around the central galleries. Naturally the glass used in the floor had to be strong enough to take predicted traffic loads, but also required the incorporation of a non slip surface for safety reasons. My pc ip address Heritage Glass developed a project specific non-slip ceramic finish which was not only functional but also had strong aesthetic appeal.

The feature glass walls of the courtyard galleries comprised of thousands of small mirrored patterned glass panels forming a multifaceted curving structure which enhanced the already spectacular glass feature unique to the NGV.