the strand – melbourne

Heritage Glass was required to custom design and install glass fins and a glass canopy for this Melbourne shopping landmark. This building is well recognised by the coloured fins protruding from the building which run around its perimeter with the glass canopy sitting below them.

A major challenge that was managed through precision in engineering, was the installation of the fins in perfect alignment on an aged building which has developed multiple faults and unevenness over the years. This was overcome in the design and engineering of the steel supports allowing for a minimal tolerance and perfect alignment required.

Other challenges faced during lifting of the fins using cranes, as each fin varied in shape and size resulting in an uneven weight distribution. Hence, assessments were made in order to support the weight and lift the fins in the safest way. In addition, installation took place throughout all hours and over carpark access.

All fins were factory glazed at the premises of Heritage Glass, then transported to site and installed by our carpenters.