yarra park waste water treatment plant

Victoria’s largest underground water recycling facility is located in Yarra Park adjacent to the Gate 2 members’ entrance at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground).

The plant treats sewage from the local sewerage network to ‘Class A’ recycled water standards producing over 600 kilolitres of recycled water per day. The treated water is used primarily to irrigate Yarra Park and nearby Punt Road Oval, as well as cleaning and toilet-flushing at the MCG.

Heritage Glass was engaged by Tenix to carry out the supply and installation of the two glass bunkers for the above Ground Structures at the Yarra Park Waste Water Treatment Facility adjacent to the MCG. The scope was to match the character of the glass of the MCG in order to create synergy between the two structures. Heritage Glass provided a 17.52mm super green toughened laminated glass that provided a visual appeal to the public when viewed, along with a glass that was resistant to vandalism.

“We found Heritage Glass to be prompt in their design and supply of glass, with a superior quality glass and competent installers. The finished article is a superb product and we will be more than happy to engage Heritage Glass again.”
Michael Finn, Project Manager/Engineer-Tenix